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Chest of Drawers – Things You Need to Know Before You Buy

First and foremost, you need to consider what type of wood you would like your chest of drawers to be made of. If you are planning on purchasing all new bedroom furniture, this choice will be easy, as you can simply choose your wood of preference. If you are choosing to purchase your chest of drawers to match existing bedroom furniture however, your selection of choices will be more limited.

In order to match your bedroom furniture, attempt to purchase your chest of drawers from the same furniture company or from the same line of furniture. Otherwise, you will have to match your existing furniture to the available selection of chest of drawers. To be certain, shop at retail stores that offer floor models of their furniture purchases.

When purchasing your chest of drawers, you will also need to consider what style you would like. Some chest of drawers are made to look traditional and feature curvy and elegant woodwork. Other styles are sleek and modern, fitting for a room of contemporary decor. Higher end chest of drawers will also feature detailed woodwork, especially along the edges and drawer fronts. chest of drawers 

The style of the chest of drawers is also impacted by the handles or knobs. Drawer handles and knobs can be made from a wide selection of materials, including brass, nickel or wood. They also come in traditional or contemporary designs. If you would like to add your own handles or knobs, or simply do not care to have them, a chest of drawers can be purchased without them.

Another important feature to a chest of drawers is what size they can be purchased in. Chest of drawers vary in how tall or wide they are, so consider how much room you will need. The drawers also vary in size, with the full-size drawers being on the bottom the half-size drawers being on the top. This makes it easy to neatly store larger items of clothing on the bottom, while keeping accessories in the top drawers.

In order to keep your drawers opening and closing smoothly, runners are required. Drawer runners are mounted on both sides of the drawers to add this support, so be sure that the type of runners that are included are made of quality material and design.

Lastly, veneers are an feature to consider when purchasing your chest of drawers. A veneer is a protective coating of superior wood that is glued onto a base of inferior wood. Veneers add an additional look of elegance and quality in workmanship.

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