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5 Tips to Party On With Home Parties

Recently, I was hired to conduct some test parties for a company that was thinking about adding another distribution channel to their mix: Home parties.

The question frequently arises, “Is the party over?”

Here are five discoveries:

1. The party is NOT over. Human beings are social animals. We are wired to connect. The more we are connected electronically, the more we crave live human interactions. Opponents of the home party plan concept always say, “I don’t need a home party to get together with my friends.” True, yet a home party prompts that gathering to happen in much the same way that inviting company over to our home gets the house cleaned. We have a goal.

2. Booking in close works best. Booking in close means scheduling events within a short time, usually within 3-10 days. By booking in close, people know their schedule and they either attend or don’t. People usually attend home parties if they have nothing better to do; that means no work, school, or children commitments that have a higher priority. For many people, especially working women, the opportunity to get together with the girls is a luxury that gets wedged in between work, kids, and family.

To build attendance when booking home parties in close:

a. Be sure to get the cell phone number of your friends.

b. Send them a text with the invite information. Here’s an example of a short and sweet invite sent on short notice:

• Party Thurs. nite at 123 State St., 43550

• 5:00 pm

• See if you can bring 2-3 new friends.

• Appetizers and fun. Shop for <insert product>

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• Hostess: Susie Smith

• RSVP please, coming or not

c. Use multiple means to message your Hostess’s friends.

We (the Hostess and I) also made personal phone calls, emailed a PDF invitation to guests, and posted the party on Facebook. Most of the phone calls went to voice mail, which is normal. The point here is that in today’s busy world, multiple methods of inviting are key to getting a good turnout.

If you want to take one more step you can use Eventspot or Eventbrite.com to create an invite and track RSVP’s.

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